Immanuel Lutheran Church
VBS registration forms may be printed out and dropped off at the church office.

bible study


Too many people think that to follow Jesus Christ, they have to wait on the sidelines until they have all of their lives in order. They believe they have to wait until they understand the Bible and have read through the entire thing before they can do what He says to do. I believe the time to do what Jesus is asking is today. This challenge is for you, whether you have been firm in your faith for decades, you've just come to faith in Jesus Christ, or you're wrestling with this whole God thing for the first time. No matter where you're starting, doing the words of Jesus will help you find the life you were made for. I believe few things stretch our faith more than actually getting involved and doing the things God is asking us to do. When we feel unequipped and unprepared (which you will feel at times in this challenge), God will use those moments to give, shape, and form your faith.

This challenge is for anybody and everybody. Young and old. Men and women. Churched and unchurched. New Christian, life-long Christian, non-Christian. It's for anybody who's looking for something more in life.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

"Can You Relate?" This question is often asked of people when seeking empathy, encouragement, or perhaps when one is looking for affirmation or company because of circumstances. Relating well with others produces a certain level of comfort, camaraderie - well, one might say, "community." It really is about relating - God calls us into relationship with Him; He calls us into relationship with other Christians; and He invites us into relationships with a lot of people around us. Come explore how God empowers us, equips us, and calls us to be in healthy relationships with Him and others. Can you relate? Meet with other college students and members of Immanuel as together we grow in faith and build relationships! Meet at the Student Center during the study hour on Sunday mornings at 9:30.