Immanuel Lutheran
Scripture reading suggestions: Ezekiel 33:7-20, 1 Corinthians 10:1-13, Luke 13:1-9


Lutheran Women in MissionLWML.png

LWML's mission is to provide spiritual growth, ministry, and service to others in our church, community, and throughout the world; and to further promote the study of God's Word in order to develop a greater mission consciousness and relationship between younger and older women. LWML meets the 4th Monday of each month, except throughout the summer. The group is involved in timely topics of Bible study as well as several mission projects each year.

Ladies Aid

The purpose of this organization is to provide Christian service and assistance to our congregation and community as well as personal and spiritual growth for each member. The group meets on the 2nd Monday of each month during the months of March-December. There are no meetings during January and February. 

Young at Heart

This group's mission is helping each other grow and continue in the faith of Jesus Christ, our Savior, through Bible study, devotions, fellowship, and service. The mission is not only for us to grow, but to help others learn to know and love Jesus Christ as we do, and to use life's experiences and the Word of God to also help others on the road to heaven.

IQ Group

The IQ Group helps make quilts for those in need. They meet on the 2nd Thursday afternoon and the 4th Saturday morning of each month in our library. While most members are women, men are encouraged to try their hand at this relaxing and rewarding enterprise. Contact Elda Ueleke or Susan Smith if you want to learn more!