Immanuel Lutheran Church
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Our Mission





The most effective way to touch the hearts of people with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and effect significant change in their lives is through the home and the family relationships that people have. Therefore in the power of Christ's Love,  Immanuel Lutheran is committed to building healthy homes in Christ so that families are transformed by the Holy Spirit to live out their faith together.

To provide opportunities for FAITH CELEBRATION, Immanuel Lutheran actively leads people into the presence of God using His divine Word and Sacraments so that individuals may receive the blessings of God's Grace and Love collectively. A faithful worship life strengthens and equips individuals to live out clearly their faith within the home, and to celebrate in community the gifts they have received from God.

To provide opportunities for FAITH FORMATION, Immanuel Lutheran guides and equips family members on a path of discipleship within the home so that they grow in a greater understanding of their relationship with God and others. Such formation is necessary to develop a deeper commitment of faith and a stronger response to the Gospel with a life of service.

To provide opportunities for FAITH EXPRESSION, Immanuel Lutheran offers avenues for families to connect with others in spiritually meaningful ways that enable them to express their faith in action and witness. The goal is that every believer use their own unique gifts of time, talents and treasures to support and encourage others through compassion, mercy, and a bold witness to the Kingdom of God.